Curious about baptism? Your interest in baptism is evidence that God is present and powerfully at work in your life. We at HopePark look forward to joining you in a truly powerful moment of water baptism that has been so meaningful to the spiritual journey of so many that have come before us--including Jesus himself.

We are part of a long tradition of people who have followed Jesus in baptism, who's own baptism was of great significance to his life and faith. Baptism is symbolic of God's immersion of our lives into his love, grace, care, and flourishing. We use water because without it life cannot exist. And in addition to nurturing us, water refreshes and cleanses us. 

To attend a Baptism Orientation and learn more, or to SIGN UP for the next Baptism, complete the form below. 

Baptism Orientation - Sunday, November 5, 9:00am
Next Baptism - Sunday, November 12, 9 or 10:30

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