The HopePark community believes we were created to celebrate life together, care deeply for each other, help carry each other’s burdens, and pray for one another. So, whether it’s with one of our pastors or a caring community member with a heart for others, below you’ll find a variety of ways you can experience care here at HopePark.

Meet with a Pastor

It's often helpful to have a spiritual friend and encouragement along life's way. 

If you would like to talk with or pray with a pastor, appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 9am-5:00pm and on Sundays.

Please call 615-662-6135 or email George Stull, Care Pastor, at

Counseling Referrals

HopePark Church partners with Highlands Way Center for Counseling to provide the best possible services at a fee that meets your specific financial situation. 

Call 615.225.0515 to schedule an appointment with Highlands Way.

 Our Care Pastor is available to talk with you about your particular situation and give you a recommendation for a counselor to best fit your needs. If you would like some help finding a counselor, please schedule an appointment to meet with a pastor.

Request Prayer

To share a prayer need for yourself or someone you care about with our elders, pastors and prayer community, click the link below.


Our pastoral team is made up of individuals in our community who are available to support others with meaningful care and prayer. If you would like someone to visit with you during a hospital stay or simply someone to come and pray with you in your home, please call George Stull, Care Pastor, at 615.662.6135 or email by clicking link below.

Deaths / Funerals

The loss of someone we love is always difficult. If there has been a death and you need a pastor to meet or pray with you, and/or officiate a service, please call us at 615.662.6135

Through support and healing groups people can share their experience discovering strength and hope as they become connected with others who share similar experiences.

DBSA (Depression & Bipolar)

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm in Portable #1
Thursdays 12:30-2:30pm in Portable #1 

Contact: Daisy Jabas
Phone: 615-799-8001

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm in Portable #1

Al-Anon Family Groups

a fellowship of relatives and friends of those struggling with alcoholism and/or drug addiction

We believe that changed attitudes can aid recovery. We practice the Twelve Steps, welcome new members, and give comfort, understanding, and encouragement to affected families and friends. We believe that sharing our experience, strength, and hope can help to solve our common problems.

For more information on Al-Anon and how to get connected to a group, please contact:

Randy Noe (HopePark Connection)
Phone: 615.512.6864

You can find more about Al-Anon Family Groups by visiting their website at

GRIEF Sharing Group/Counseling

As a participant in this four-week group, you'll learn more about the progressive stages of grief, gain insightful coping techniques, and interact with others who are processing the loss of a loved one. This group is facilitated by: Tammy Starling, LPC-MHSP, NCC (Grief Counselor and Psychotherapist) who's also part of our HopePark community.

Next Group: Sundays, Feb 26 - March 19

Journey Groups

To make sustainable change in our life, we need a process, a community, a focus on the solution, and God’s transformation. The purpose of RESTORE is to create a place for groups that provide a process and hope-filled space to examine our lives and experience sustainable changes through God’s grace.  

Groups meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30 throughout the year.

JOURNEY TO FREEDOM is the core group offered but each eight week session has a variety of options for personal healing, restoration, and growth.

To find out more about RESTORE visit RESTORE Small Groups website.

To learn more or sign up for the next eight weeks of groups click link below. 

Marriage Prep / Enrichment

If you are engaged, considering an engagement, or married and desiring to enrich your marriage, HopePark Church offers PREPARE/ENRICH to assist couples in building for marital longevity and overall healthy relationship development. After completing the online couple's assessment, you'll meet with a pastor to review the strengths and growth areas of your relationship and learn more about participating in the next PREPARE/ENRICH GROUP.

Groups are offered multiple times a year where you'll join other couples, along with PREPARE/ENRICH marriage mentors, in a comfortable and relaxed four-week experience that will guide you in understanding your partner and creating a deeper, healthier relationship. You'll also gain insights and practical skills that build a strong, healthy marriage including: communication, conflict management, sexual intimacy, finances, and spiritual oneness. After completing group sessions, couples are invited to spend personal time with  marriage mentors who can guide you through more intimate details of your relationship.

Cost: There is a $35 fee for the online couple's assessment, payable at login to begin the assessment. 



Sundays - April 23, 30 & May 7

9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Deadline to sign up:

April 12

Next Group Begins: September 10


 To register and find out more about PREPARE/ENRICH Program, click the link below.


Couples who would like a HopePark pastor to officiate their ceremony must take part in the HopePark Marriage Prep Program. If you would like to meet with a pastor to find out more about the Marriage Prep Program please click the "Sign up for Prepare/Enrich" button above.

Weddings can be performed at HopePark if they do not conflict with a special event or weekly service or preparation times. If you would like to request use of the facilities, click the link below.

For those in our community with basic urgent needs (food, housing & utilities), it is our desire to help when possible. If you are in a financial crisis, and would like to request assistance, click the link below to complete an online request.

If you would like to complete a paper application, you may download a PDF version below. Please return it to HopePark Church in the easiest way possible for you:

Mail: 8001 Hwy 70 S Nashville, TN 37221
Scan & Email to:

You may also drop off the form at the church office (Monday-Thursday, 9AM-5PM) or on Sundays before or after services.

The White Bucket Project

This ministry of generosity flows from the thought that some of us have more than enough, while others around us still have basic vital needs.  The White Bucket Project is the financial resource benevolence ministry draws from sharing faith, hope, and love...

Within our HopePark community—specifically needs involving: assistance with vital utilities, housing, food, etc.

To our extended Nashville community—providing meals and a warm safe place for the city's homeless through the Room in the Inn ministry during the cold winter months of Oct-March.

Giving is simple. You can help support those in need by clicking below and designating your one-time-gift to THE WHITE BUCKET PROJECT.