Transformational Groups

Step deeper into the way of Jesus by paying attention to God’s voice guiding your life, leading you to an awakened heart. Explore the trajectory of your life story, discovering how your past has shaped you, and how you can live more fully and freely in the light of God’s love—transforming your spiritual growth and life. 

Transformational groups meet throughout the year on Wednesday evenings. Fall session meets September 13 thru November 1, 6:30pm at HopePark. Please sign-up in advance. To find out more about the content of these groups, visit RESTORE Small Groups website. 

Relational Groups

Relational Groups meet off campus in homes, coffee shops, and other places around town, and they make all of their own decisions about time, location, and childcare. Their primary purpose is to create safe environments in which deep relationships can grow. Fall meal groups choose their own schedule, meeting three times between October 1 and November 19.

Formational Groups

Formational Groups meet on campus at HopePark. Their primary purpose is to help you meet new people while engaging in a particular topic, study, class, or activity. Groups meet for 6-8 weeks, and they have a clear start and end date. 

New formational groups will start in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Fall formational groups begin the week of September 10, 2017