Meet with a Pastor

It's often helpful to have a spiritual friend and encouragement along life's way. 

If you would like to talk with or pray with a pastor, appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 9am-5:00pm and on Sundays.

Please call 615-662-6135 or email George Stull, Care Pastor, at

Counseling Referrals


 Our Care Pastor is available to talk with you about your particular situation and give you a recommendation for a counselor to best fit your needs. If you would like some help finding a counselor, please schedule an appointment to meet or talk with a pastor.

Request Prayer

To share a prayer need for yourself or someone you care about with our elders, pastors and prayer community, click the link below.


Our pastoral team is made up of individuals in our community who are available to support others with meaningful care and prayer. If you would like someone to visit with you during a hospital stay or simply someone to come and pray with you in your home, please call George Stull, Care Pastor, at 615.662.6135 or email by clicking link below.

Deaths / Funerals

The loss of someone we love is always difficult. If there has been a death and you need a pastor to meet or pray with you, and/or officiate a service, please email the link below and/or call us at 615.662.6135